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The aim of this website is to provide one common platform for researchers interested in using digital techniques to piece together Tasmania’s past. It has been specifically designed to help integrate the efforts of university-based academics, local and family history groups and archival, museum and heritage-site partners. While the digitisation of the archive promises many powerful ways of analysing and visualising our past, imaging, transcribing, coding, linking, and mapping big data is a daunting task.

No research team, let alone an individual, could hope to tackle a challenge of this scale on their own. Moreover, there is a danger that uncoordinated research will unintentionally duplicate work effort—or perhaps worse, produce results that are difficult to link together.

The Founders & Survivors website has been designed to provide a forum for discussing these issues as well as a place to share the data and techniques that will enable a collective digital reconstruction of Tasmania’s past.


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