Digital Archive - The Benefits

Enables researcher to:

  • efficiently search for information about individuals, places and organisations.
  • link data stored in different locations and held by different institutions making our remarkable archival, museum and archaeological collections discoverable by anyone anywhere.
  • understand more about those collections and associated heritage places so we can make informed decisions about what to preserve for future generations.
  • provides the means to create compelling visitor experiences enabling Tasmania to maintain its reputation as a premier cultural heritage destination.
  • equip researchers with the necessary tools to explore the life course histories of people and physical structures, mapping the way in which individuals have interacted with place over time.
  • link those life-courses enabling us to explore the intergenerational legacies of the past in ways that are difficult, or impossible, elsewhere.
  • be forensic about our often dark past, providing Tasmanian Aboriginal and other researchers with the means to examine the ways in which our history continues to shape the present.